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    In the North Carolina you must be legally sepearted for one year and lived in the state for six months before you can be granted a divorce.  During that one year period, most couple negotiate a Separation Agreement.  This agreement stays in place beyond the divorce.  The Sepapration Agreement defines things such as distribution of marital assets, child custody, child support.  If a Separation Agreement is not prepared before the Divorce is finalyized, one or both parties could suffer.  Please contact on of our attorneys before finalyizing either a Separation Agreement or Divorce to protect yourself.

Some couples can agree on how to divide their property and other issues.  This is usually referred to as a collaborative divorce.  Both parties use the same attorney to draw up the documents necessary for a separation agreement and a divorce decree that is agreeable to both parties without having to go to court.  Our attorneys are willing to help you with this process.



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